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The two stories below are part of an anthology. They can be read in any order or completely separately from one another. If you enjoy either book, please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads!
Deathless is a dark fantasy novel set in a kingdom decimated by supernatural forces and gripped by political tension. The story explores themes of oppression, trauma, and good and evil, as the characters who have survived this supernatural event seek safety and power in the new world, and are opposed all the while by forces with plots of their own. Alliances, deceptions, revenge, and battle define this tale, and will keep you turning the page. Deathless is a stand-alone story —no cliffhangers here— but will certainly be followed up on one day.
In Starless the nephew of a king is sent away to war, where his resolve and his very sanity are tested, and where tensions built up over his lifetime threaten to collapse. Originally part of Evan’s thesis project in Grad School, this story was written as an exploration of heroes, villains, and violence in fantasy fiction, and laid the groundwork for many of the themes to come in his later works. Starless is no longer in print but will hopefully be available online again someday. For now, please contact the author directly for copies (while stock lasts).