The throne is bloodied. The city is empty. The kingdom beyond is dead and quiet.
A peasant thief creeps forth from where she has been hiding, bitter and determined to survive.
A young nobleman sets out, with plots and secrets as his armor, to save what is left of his family.
A holy knight burdened by failure descends from the mountains to defend the realm.
And all across this land so dark and full of nightmares, monstrous things watch from the shadows.

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"The beating at the gate is endless. Storm and nightmare wait without. We gave so much in the hopes of avoiding bloodshed with the North; my father knelt when he knew he should fight, all to save our people from those who fly their banners above our castle's walls. We feared the North for so long. But our fear was misplaced. Our doom came from elsewhere; from a place we could not have forseen. And now, our city is red and the sky is starless"

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